force feedback
staging space
effectors are the sum of all output devices that address the human senses. The terminal/monitor is the most elementary effector in this case. Actions that are performed by a person are confirmed by sensory-motoric experiences in a natural environment. A parallel consistency test is always underway during perception, meaning that the perceiving person is constantly analyzing whether the attempt to unite different sensory perceptions in one harmonic whole is successful. A simulation has to address a number senses simultaneously in order to contain an accentuated reality. Efforts are being made to simulate all sensory experiences with VR technology. Stereoscopic systems as well as audio and tactual feedback systems are used to render object experiences during interaction with the computer.
The experience quality is not soley dependent on the physical charateristics of a sensory input, but also on its authenticity.
Human awareness participates actively in perception and therefore assumes a correcting role. If a sensroy field allows for cogent experiences inaccuracies in the rendering are tolerated and compensated for.
The objects on the screen react to the position of the cursor - an example of the combination of visual and acoustic feedback.
The circle can be moved by clicking and dragging. It can be scaled by pulling its rim.